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2014/15 Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ Events
The Kimmel Center celebrates the awe-inspiring power of the Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ with a diverse line-up of virtuosi.

Cameron Carpenter
Cameron Carpenter
Sun, Jan 18  |  7:30pm  |  Verizon Hall

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One of those rare musicians who changes the game of his instrument, Cameron Carpenter is a rock star of the pipe organ. If he had made his mark merely by ruffling the feathers of the organ establishment, he would merit only passing interest—but the young virtuoso has taken a sledgehammer to organ conventions while forcing the world to acknowledge his iconoclastic vision. Through his numerous transcriptions of non-organ works, collaborations with jazz and pop musicians, and ambitious original compositions, Carpenter has devoted himself to expanding the organ's frontiers. A true force of nature, he presides over the majestic instrument with all four limbs in furious motion, venturing into uncharted territories of technique, repertoire, and bravura showmanship.

"He is a smasher of cultural and classical music taboos. He is technically the most accomplished organist I have ever witnessed…and, most important of all, the most musical." —Los Angeles Times

This event is made possible through a donation by the Fred J. Cooper Restoration Fund as recommended by Frederick R. Haas and Daniel K. Meyer.

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