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Advertising Technical Specs


Kimmel Center Digital Display
•    Dimensions (WxH): 1080px x 1920px
•    File: JPG only

Academy of Music Digital Display
•    Dimensions (WxH): 1920px x 1080px
•    File: JPG only

Kimmel Center Cube Sponsorship
•    Dimensions (WxH): 1280px x 640px
•    File: JPG only
•    NOTE: The final cube display is shown as 2 square panels, but the design must be set up as one image. Please design your ad as two 640px x 640px squares that are side-by-side in one JPG. See below.
        ◊ Avoid solid white backgrounds and thin font weights
        ◊ Minimum type size is 25pt



Table Top Cube
•    Dimensions (WxH): 4in x 6in
•    File: PDF
•    NOTE: For printing purposes, set up your ad to be 2-up with crop marks on 8.5in x 11in paper. See below.

Kimmel Center Lobby Floor Clings
•    Dimensions (WxH): 23.75in x 23.75in with a 0.125in bleed
•    File: PDF with crop and bleed marks

Restroom Posters
•    Kimmel Center Dimensions (WxH): 11in x 17in with a .25in margin (Safe Space: 10.5in x 16.5in)
•    Merriam Theater Dimensions (WxH): 8.5in x 11in with a .25in margin (Safe Space: 8in x 10.5in)
•    File: PDF; NO crop marks



Please note: Images on the website should not have text on them.

Video Tile
•    YouTube URL Link only

Restaurant Webpage

Basic/Small Ad

  • Name of Business
  • Restaurant Type/Cuisine
  • Phone Number
  • Address (One Location)
  • URL

Premium/Medium Ad

  • Name of Business
  • Restaurant Type/Cuisine
  • Brief Description: 300 Character Max
  • Phone Number
  • Address (One Location)
  • URL
  • Image: JPG or PNG, Dimension (WxH): 608px x 342px

Banner Ads
•    Dimensions (WxH): 728px x 90px
•    File: JPG or PNG
•    Include URL for linking

Sidebar Ads

  • Minimum Dimensions (WxH): 320px x 210px
  • Maximum Dimensions (WxH): 320px x 320px
  • File Type: JPG or PNG
  • Text for Overlay: maximum character count 40 (including spaces)
  • Include URL for linking
  • Images should not have text on them (as it will interfere with the text overlay)



Ovation, Reminder, and Thank You Banner Ads
•    Dimensions (WxH): 800px x 200px
•    File: JPG or PNG
•    Include URL for linking

Dedicated Email Blasts
For email specs and guidelines, CLICK HERE



Ticket Backs
•    Dimensions (WxH): 2in x 1.875 with a 0.125in bleed
•    JPG or PDF

Print-at-Home Tickets
•    Dimensions (WxH): 550px x 68px
•    File: JPG, PDF, or TIFF format only

Ticket Envelopes
•    Dimensions (WxH): 6.5in x1.75in
•    File: PDF; NO crop marks

Calendar Ticket Insert
•    Dimensions: 5.625in x8.625in with a 0.125in bleed
•    File: PDF; NO crop or bleed marks
•    NOTE: Our calendar ad is vertical, but your ad can be either vertical or horizontal to your preference.