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Email Specs




Requests for scheduling dedicated emails or feature stories in Ovation must be submitted no less than four weeks in advance of deploy date by Joe Ciresi. The longer the lead time, the better chance of approval for preferred date/s. Then, the advertiser must submit the completed form prior to 10 business days to the email deploy date.

Click here to get the Sponsor Dedicated Email Request Form.

Dedicated paid emails  will be targeted to recipients, and are subject to the same guidelines as other emails.

All paid email advertising is coordinated directly through Joe Ciresi at

Two Options for Artwork

Advertiser can:

1)      Send an already designed e-card to that is 800px wide (including url). Or they can send content the traditional way based off of the specs below:


2)      Follow the guidelines below, and submit the document our designer will help create the email:


Approved content (including camera-ready graphics/images and fully-vetted copy) must be submitted one week in advance of deploy date. If deadlines are met, advertiser will receive a draft for review and final sign-off no less than 1 days prior to deploy.

Please provide the following for all dedicated emails:

  1. Banner graphic specs: 800 pixels wide, variable height from 200 – 300 pixels, PNG format. Provide a URL for embedded link if desired.
  2. Subject Line
  3. Preferred time of day for deploy. Note that exact timing of email deploys are subject to the availability of our email service provider (Wordfly).
  4. Sponsor recognition must be listed in email footer with text only. No logos.
  5. Photo credits may be listed in the email footer.

Dedicated emails may contain up to five (5) events/programs including the following:

  1. Headline (Optional)
  2. Title/date/venue
  3. URL for buy button
  4. One image (PNG 420x280px or 420x420px at 72 dpi)
  5. A description containing no more than 100 words
  6. Optional: Conductor/soloists/director; Program listing; URL for additional information

How to submit content to and

  • Email copy in a Word document attachment
  • Images (PNGs) should be sized and optimized for web (no high-res files- 72 dpi), and attached to the same email.