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Chat With Julia - Another Rock Star Interns For Kimmel Center

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on November 01, 2016

Meet one of our rock star interns: Julia, a Marketing major at Temple University! We’ve loved having Julia here and asked her about her Kimmel Center experience.

Why did you choose to intern at the Kimmel Center?

I have always wanted to work for a nonprofit who has strong community ties and I felt that the Kimmel Center emulated all of those values.  I have a great admiration for all that the Kimmel Center does by involving the community in the arts. It is definitely something to be proud to be a part of.

What’s your favorite show you’ve seen at the Center?

My Dad took me to see White Christmas [at the Academy of Music] and it was the first live performance I had ever seen on stage, and I will never forget how magical it all felt for the first time!

What is arts “ah ha” moment?

[During Open House on Sept. 10th] I was just thinking about how much hard work everyone had put into making this community event such a success…I really realized that the Kimmel Center isn’t just about spectacular performances, it is so much more than that. It is an organization that engages the community and excites patrons of all ages, even little kids. All the hard work and planning can’t even compare to the joy and happiness that was brought to families that day.

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself!

  • I love crafting and DIY projects


  • I am in love with anything Disney


  • My absolute favorite place on earth is Disney World!


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