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Waiting until the last minute to buy those holiday gifts? The Kimmel Center has you covered.

Posted by:  Shaquierra Brown & Lauren Woodard on December 18, 2017

Sometimes the holidays can turn into the most stressful time of the year. Did you wait until the last minute to buy those holiday gifts? The Kimmel Center has a gift-giving guide for everyone on your list!


1. We all have a family member who thinks real life is a movie musical. It wouldn’t be the holidays without Aunt Suzie leading the family in a soaring rendition of “Edelweiss.” Get her tickets to The Sound of Music and distract her from asking at another family function whether or not you’re still single.



2. You know Grandma likes a little spice in her life. Don’t think too hard on this one. Tango Fire is the fun but spicy dance show from international tango superstar German Cornejo that’ll have her hanging on the edge of her seat. Rest assured, you will hold the favorite grandchild title all year long.



3. Your older brother is currently on a health kick, judging by the clean eating, mindfulness, and workout equipment arriving at your house. Hit this gift out of the park with tickets to see author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra.



4. For your little sister, who your mom can never get to wear anything but her Princess Jasmine costume. Gross, but also cute, since Aladdin is the perfect Broadway show to satisfy her Disney obsession!



5. Mom has seen Les Misérables at least 100 times. Okay, so maybe not that many, but enough to have a Hugh Jackman obsession and know all the lyrics to “On My Own.”Perhaps it’s time for her to see Les Miz live in action?



6. Uncle Robert was 100% part of Beatlemania. The band hasn’t been together since the 70s but that hasn’t stopped him singing “Yellow Submarine” at the top of his lungs at every family function. Tickets to Rain will take him back in time to when The Beatles were at their height.



7. Your cousin is in college and supposed to be studying; instead you’ve heard he sits in his dorm room playing the bass every night until 1 AM. Count your lucky stars you’re not his roommate, and get him tickets to see the just-like-the-real-thing tribute band, Brit Floyd. You might make the kid tear up.



8. You’ve had the same best friend for years. You grew up dancing around the living room and pretending to be ballerinas together. But lately you seem to have grown apart. Check out Maks and Val (in more ways than one) this spring and rekindle that friendship!



9. Surprise Dad, the top dog in your house, with tickets to see two of jazz’s biggest names: Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and Chick Corea. Legend meet legend.



10. You’re a parent and you want to take the kiddos to a show that will keep their attention, education them, and make them laugh, all without breaking the bank. Wild Kratts combines animals and adventure for the perfect family outing.



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