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Music is STILL the Weapon

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on March 20, 2012

i witnessed a miracle tonight and it is a MUST you read this.

and when i say miracle you have to think this on the level of
sam jackson trying to convince john travolta in pulp fiction to acknowledge
the miracle that just occured (them escaping death by *this* much)

i didn’t escape death tonight. actually i believe i found life again.
having just returned from a 3 week eurasia run the LAST thing i expected
my web mistress Ginny to tell me the day before yesterday was “you HAVE to see the Fela play!”


Check out his blog (Music is STILL the Weapon) about the power of FELA! 

And do not miss this Tony Award winning show while it’s here in Philly. FELA! opens tonight at the Academy of Music and runs through Sunday March 25.

Tickets and information.

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