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This staff pick is from Lauren, Programming Department Inter

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on October 03, 2011

This staff pick is from Lauren, Programming Department Intern…

Have you ever discovered a song that connected with you in such a way, that just by listening to it brought you pure solace?

Herbie Hancock’s, “Dolphin Dance”, is that song for me. My junior year of college I spent countless hours, listening to its textured harmonies and mystical melody, over and over again, finding comfort and pure amazement with each listen. That beautiful composition helped me cope with difficult times in my life and served as a source of inspiration to move past my troubles. 

I am positive that there are other people out there who have been completely uplifted by the music of Herbie Hancock. His music which spans across almost five decades, has successfully defied musical boundaries, moving through the genres of hard bop, fusion, pop, and world music. He is a creative legend who has constantly developed his artistry to reach new levels of musical satisfaction. 

It is exciting to think that such a talented and thought provoking musician will be performing in Philadelphia. He truly is a jazz phenomenon; acting as a band leader in over 50 projects as well as performing and recording with some of jazz’s greatest musicians. I am looking forward to his concert and am sure to see an incredible performance.

>Herbie Hancock will be in Verizon Hall, Monday October 8. Get tickets today!

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