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Free at the Kimmel

Jazz Residency Artist Korey Riker: Work in Progress

May 23, 2016
8:00 PM

This event has passed.


Join our Jazz Residency artist for the opportunity to experience a work in progress! After months of workshops and preparation, Korey Riker will present an intimate session, showcasing his unfinished project in SEI Innovation Studio. Audiences will have an opportunity to experience the reality and rawness of the creative process.

Project: A collection of Jazz songs inspired by music from the Drum & Bass genre of EDM.

Project Description: 'I am writing a collection of songs inspired by some of my favorite compositions from the Drum & Bass genre of EDM. This music is fun to draw from because it harmonically and rhythmically does not follow traditional jazz trends. As a result, the "solo sections" inspire a different approach to improvisation. The project is titled "Trainspotter" and the definition from the Urban Dictionary is 'A person who hovers around a DJ's turntables and attempts to identify their tracks by label, artist and/or song title.'

SEI Innovation Studio

Inside the Kimmel Center

2 levels below ground floor

300 S Broad St

Philadelphia, PA 19102


Kimmel Center Jazz Residency


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