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Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival CineMondays Centerpiece Film The People vs. Fritz Bauer

Apr 18, 2016
7:30 PM

This event has passed.


Germany's leading actors Burghart Klaussner (The White Ribbon) and Ronald Zehrfeld (Barbara, Phoenix) star in this gripping historic thriller chronicling the apathy of 1950s postwar Germany towards the horrors of its recent past.

Attorney General Fritz Bauer, a German Jew who returns to his homeland after fleeing to Denmark in 1936, is a Social Democratic activist committed to bringing Nazi war criminals like Adolph Eichmann, Martin Bormann, and Joseph Mengele to justice. While attempts to silence him with slanderous accusations escalate in the court of public opinion, the dogged prosecutor pursues a promising lead and forms a secret alliance with Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, who agree to aid Bauer in apprehending the mastermind of the Final Solution, Adolph Eichmann.

With exceptionally rich performances by Klaussner and Zehrfeld, astute direction by Kraume, and a moody jazz score by Kaiser and Maas, THE PEOPLE VS. FRITZ BAUER offers an edgy twist on a story we have come to know all too well -- the compromising of justice for the sake of serving the economic interests of a few.