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Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Art in Public Space: A Public Forum

Jun 04, 2017
2:00 PM

This event has passed.


A Public Forum Co-Presented by the Kimmel Center & In Situ

Art in Public Space


Hear a panel of star-studded public artists, place makers, and arts administrators dive in to what exactly is public space, and what it means to create art within it. Learn how public art is different from art presented in a traditional theater, how it connects an audience, and how art in a public space in the United States differs from public art presented in Europe.

Panelists include:

Anna Anderegg, Founder and Choreographer of Asphalt Piloten

 Rachel Chanoff, Director, THE OFFICE performing arts + film

Jane Golden, Founder and Executive Director, Mural Arts Philadelphia

Olivier Grossetete, In Situ Artist

Pierre Sauvageot, Director of Lieux Publics & Artist

Linda DiPietro, Artistic Director of Indisciplinarte, Terni Festival, Italy

Werner Schrempf, Artistic Director of La Strada, Austria

Robert van Leer, Senior Vice President of Artistic Planning, Kennedy Center

Jay Wahl, Producing Artistic Director, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts



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