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International "Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow" competition in Memory of Nelly Berman

Jun 18, 2017

This event has passed.


The Nelly Berman School of Music presents the Platinum and Gold winners of the “Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow,” an international competition in loving memory of its founder, Nelly Berman. The competition drew 250 competitors from 12 states and Italy, Russia, Peru, Canada, England and Germany. The competition welcomed students ages 7-25 competing in piano, strings, winds, brass, voice, and chamber music. The judges included the Dean of Instrumental Studies of the Manhattan School of Music, the Dean of the West Chester University College of Arts and Humanities, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic, heads of music departments at Tulane University and Temple University, and international concert artists.

This high-level competition held two rounds; the first set of distinguished judges chose 90 competitors out of 250 to continue to the finals, and the second set of judges narrowed it down even further to 60 Platinum and Gold winners to perform at two concerts at the Kimmel Center on Sunday, June 18th where they will be awarded $12,500 in prizes.

The competition is held to commemorate Nelly Berman, the founder of the Nelly Berman School of Music and the Nelly Berman School Classical Music Institute (NBSCMI) a 501 (c)(3) which is sponsoring this high-level competition. In 1976, Ms. Berman immigrated to the United States from Odessa, former Soviet Union, as a single mother and piano teacher with two children and $17 in her pocket. She dreamed of seeing music students push themselves in their practicing to higher levels of artistic performance, as athletes do when they train for Olympic Games.

She passionately believed in competitions as a vehicle to motivate children to achieve more than they would otherwise and created the Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow competition in 2008 to include not only her school’s students, but students from all over Philadelphia and beyond. In the words of Nelly Berman, “this competition will be open to everybody who loves music and studies seriously, and by seriously, I mean practicing every day, not just 10-15 minutes, but 30 minutes, an hour, or much more.” She would have been thrilled to know that her dream of creating a significant music competition is continuing to enrich the lives of so many outstanding students, even after her passing.

10:00 a.m.:  Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow in Memory of Nelly Berman - Gold Winners

 3:00 p.m.:  Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow in Memory of Nelly Berman - Platinum Winners

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