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Kimmel Center in Partnership with IPAY Presents

Nadine Bommer Dance: Invisi'BALL

Nadine Bommer Dance Company

Jan 27, 2018
10:15 AM

This event has passed.


Invisi’BALL transforms a cast of female dancers into 2 teams of ultra-competitive male soccer players. With chants, cheers, and roaring crowds, this unique theater-dance piece illustrates a surprising, hilarious, multi-cultural mash-up of the game. Invisi’BALL also serves as a bridge between cultures. Centered around the relatable topic of a sports championship, people from all walks of life can see their own culture within the work while experiencing elements that are specific to Israeli life. The work has toured internationally for many years, and serves as an introduction to Bommer’s unique movement-based storytelling for young audiences. 

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