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Kimmel Center Presents

Just Call Me God: A Dictator's Final Speech Starring John Malkovich

Apr 30, 2018
8:00 PM




John Malkovich defies heaven and earth in a one-man journey to the point where power corrupts absolutely. 

A dictator teeters on the brink, and megalomania escalates into full-blown madness. John Malkovich stands against the sound of the mighty organ in this astonishing music-drama: an exploration of tyranny in the raw by an actor of unparalleled conviction.

From Nero to Idi Amin, despots have had megalomaniac delusions of divine provenance. Michael Sturminger’s music-theatre piece pits Malkovich against the grandiloquent power of the organ. Organist Martin Haselböck responds with music by Bach, Wagner, Liszt: words against music, genius versus delusion, and at its terrifying heart, an actor who spares no-one – least of all himself. 

“… a showcase for the hubris, confiding intimacy and skewed method-acting which has ensured Malkovich’s inimitable presence on stage and screen.” – Richard Whitehouse, Independent

“The surprising element of Just Call Me God is the number of scenarios normally associated with high tension, if not terror, that become laugh-out-loud moments.” – Mersa Auda, The UPcoming

“Just Call Me God is a spirited musical-theater piece full of dark humor. The play is a must see for people interested in modern theater and for fans of Malkovich.” – Diana Ringo, Indie Cinema

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