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Image China: Dragon Boat Racing

Feb 07, 2018
7:30 PM

This event has passed.


DRAGON BOAT RACING, an award-winning Chinese dance-drama performed by the Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble, tells the story of the creation of one of the most iconic and enduring pieces of Cantonese music. Set in 1930s China against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation, DRAGON BOAT RACING follows two lovers whose passion for each other is equaled only by their passion for music. It tells the story of how one of the finest and most famous Cantonese compositions came to be, and how it became a musical theme that inspired an entire nation. The 2014 Chinese premiere of DRAGON BOAT RACING achieved such vast popularity among audiences that it was considered to be a cultural phenomenon throughout China.

In January 2016, DRAGON BOAT RACING had its US premiere in the David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. In its review, The New York Times referred to the show as “A Stormy Sea of Love and Song.”