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Triumph Music Festival

Nov 11, 2017

This event has passed.


The Triumph Music Festival - 2017 is open to musicians of all nationalities and countries.  The mission of the Festival is to provide an extraordinary performance opportunity for growing artists.  The winners of the Festival will participate at the Gala performance held at the Academy of Music Ballroom in Philadelphia.

This Festival can become an exclusive educational event for our participants.  The historic city of Philadelphia is the home of the oldest grand opera house in the United States, which was opened in 1857.  Since then, many prolific musicians have graced the Academy of Music with their presence and historic performances, including Peter Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky, Arthur Rubinstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Enrico Caruso, and others.

For 11 am concert:

Guest Artists:

Gi Lee, clarinet

Gi Lee, Guest Artist
Tatiana Abramova, piano

Tatiana Abramova, Guest Artist

For 3:00 pm concert


Guest Artists:



ALIGHIERI DUO, Guest Artist 

Nicholas, Guest Artist

7:00 pm concert:


Guest Artists:

 Musicalia Ensemble

Musicalia Ensemble, Guest Artist


The Triumph Music Festival - 2017 is open to instrumentalists and vocalists as well as ensembles, including Piano Four-hands.

Application deadline:  September 12, 2017.  To find out more about host to apply, visit: