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La NOCHE: El Aniversario de La NOCHE featuring Xiomara Laugart

Sep 30, 2019
8:00 PM

This event has passed. 


Heat up the Kimmel Center each month at La NOCHE!  Experience the hottest live bands as you turn up the steam on the dance floor, led by host/dance leader Kevin Ngo. Enjoy the sexy rhythms of The Caribbean and Latin America as live bands serve up a caliente mix of music that really makes you want to move.

We kick off the party with The La NOCHE Band, led by master percussionist Arturo Stable.  We then welcome a different guest group to light up the dance floor.

 ¡Baila a la música, bebe las cervezas!

This month, La NOCHE will celebrate its 3rd anniversary with a celebration of Cuban music featuring a full night with our own house band La NOCHE, led by Cuban percussionist Arturo Stable, and joined by a very special guest, Cuban singer Xiomara.

Invite your friends, grab a drink, and get on the dance floor!


About Xiomara Laugart:

Originally from the Guantánamo province of Cuba, Xiomara Laugart began her career at the age of 15, performing several different expressions of traditional and contemporary Cuban music. During the 1980s, she entered the Adolfo Guzman Contest for Cuban music where she was granted the highest award. She went on to win other international awards at Poland’s Sopot Festival in 1985, and at Germany’s Dresden Festival in 1986. After having recorded self-titled albums in Cuba, she moved to Rome and later to New York.

For additional information about La NOCHE, click here.

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