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Kimmel Center Presents

Songs You Left Behind

Oct 03, 2019
7:00 PM

This event has passed.

This event is currently sold out. A waiting line will be in place upon your arrival, although this does not guarantee admission. Feel free to show up and join the line. No tickets required!


Songs You Left Behind is an opportunity for representatives from many Latino nations to share the pride of their homeland in the community. Wherever we’re from, we all have songs that remind us of where we are from. This is the music of our childhood, sung by our families and neighbors, on the radio, and in our homes.

So, come join us and listen to the music. Hear their stories. Experience the emotions. Open your heart and celebrate the cultures of Latin America as members of our community share what they’ve left behind and what they carry with them.


Maya Peniazek & Team (Chile & Uruguay)

Alexander Moreno (Venezuela)

LOS DEL REQUINTO ( Re-5’ ) - Ovet Jimenez

Luis Marquez Teruel (Venezuela)

Los Bomberos de la Calle (Puerto Rico)

Karina Puente & Vesna (Mexico)

Bronson Tennis (America Latina)

SEI Innovation Studio

Inside the Kimmel Center

2 levels below ground floor

300 S Broad St

Philadelphia, PA 19102


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