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1. Make one check or money order payable to, Ticket Philadelphia. Or complete the Credit Card Authorization available on request. We DO NOT accept cash. If final payment is not received when due, the Center reserves the right to release all of the tickets. The deposit is nonrefundable.


2. Send your payment to:

Kimmel Center

Group Sales Department

1500 Walnut Street, Floor 17

Philadelphia, PA 19102


3. After receipt of the final payment no refunds, exchanges or returns can be made.


4. Once you receive your tickets please make note of seating locations.


5. If you wish to add tickets prior to final payment, additional tickets may be purchased, pending availability, by contacting the Group Sales office. If you have completed your final payment and wish to add tickets to a performance, pending availability, contact group sales to compete a contract amendment.


6. Group Sales ticket orders are filled on a best-available basis. Ticket Philadelphia will try to reserve all of your seats in the specified price category. If, due to subscriptions or other priority sales, this is not possible a revised contract will be issued reflecting the new specifications.


7. You the undersigned and your organization/group acknowledge and agree that tickets purchased through Kimmel Center, Inc. Group Sales shall not be resold or offered for resale to any ticket agent, ticket broker or other intermediary other than the ultimate user of the tickets. By signing this contract, you agree that any distribution of tickets purchased hereunder in violation of this Term of Agreement, or in violation of any applicable law or regulation, shall result in one or more of the following: you and, if applicable, your organization may be reported to law enforcement for prosecution; your tickets may be confiscated, and ticket holders may be denied admission; you may be prohibited from future ticket purchases and any pending orders may be cancelled; you may be required to pay Kimmel Center, Inc. profits received by you in violation of this contract, as well as Kimmel Center, Inc.’s costs in enforcing this contract.


8. You and your organization/group will not display in any public place, website or publication any advertisement for sale of the tickets below box office price, and any public announcement or advertisement for resale of the tickets will be submitted to Kimmel Center, Inc. for prior written approval.


9. If for any reason the performance is canceled or rescheduled and no alternate date that is satisfactory to both parties is available, the Kimmel Center, Inc. shall refund to you, upon return of all tickets, any monies already paid by you for the tickets. Neither party will have any further obligations to the other. In the event of a rescheduled performance, any tickets to be refunded must be received at least fourteen days prior to the rescheduled performance date.


10. The program/artists are subject to change and the Kimmel Center, Inc. cannot guarantee the content of the program to be performed.


11. The terms of this contract cannot be altered or amended except in writing and initialed by both parties.


12. This contract obligates the Kimmel Center, Inc., but not any trustee, officer or employee thereof.


In witness whereof, the parties have signed this terms of contract.

// Signed //
Kimmel Center, Inc.