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Kimmel Center, Inc.
1500 Walnut Street, Floor 17
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Administrative Offices: 215-790-5800
Fax: 215-790-5801
Call Center/Tickets: 215-893-1999



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Staff List

Executive Staff
Anne C. Ewers, President & Chief Executive Officer
J. Edward Cambron, Executive Vice President
Stan Applegate, Senior Vice President & CFO 
Ross S. Richards, Senior Vice President of Facilities and Operations

Office of the President & CEO
Joan Roebuck-Carter, Senior Director of Institutional Support
Liz Saccardi, Senior Director of Strategy and Development
Jennifer Beatty, Senior Manager of Individual Giving
Isabel Brouhard, Manager of Donor Relations
Anne Henry, Manager of Membership
Sheila Egan, Manager of Grants and Proposals, Institutional Support
Hannah Lermitte, Manager of Special Events
Colleen Coffey, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Sara Smillie, Activation Specialist, Institutional Support
Kelsea Reel, Devolpment Coordinator
Yvonne Toot, Development Coordinator
Wesley Hershner, Coordinator of Research and Development Systems

Office of the Executive Vice President
Tammy Burton, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and to the Senior Vice President & CFO
Meaghan Gonser, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the President of the Marian Anderson Awards

Susan Quinn, Director of Education
Carol Frazier, Senior Education Program Manager 
Manisha Modi, Education Administrator
Anthony Tidd, Jazz Artistic Advisor 
Brent White, Jazz Education Programs Coordinator

Jay Wahl, Producing Artistic Director 
Frances Egler, Director of Programming and Presentations
Laura McClatchy, Programming Event Manager
Gregory Seamon, Programming Manager
Amy Harting, Programming Specialist
Stacey Ferraro, Programming Coordinator
Christa Bean, Producing Associate

Sales & Marketing
Crystal Brewe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Erin Armstrong, Senior Director of Institutional Marketing
Joe Ciresi, Director of Advertising Sales & Promotions
Leslie Patterson-Tyler, Director of Media Relations and Communications
Elizabeth Hess, Director of Program Marketing
Eric Hsu, Associate Director of E-Marketing
Ashley Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager, Broadway
Sophia Konopelsky, Institutional Marketing Manager 
Nate Godshall, Audience Development and Group Sales Manager
Ben Brotman, Graphic Designer
Nicole Surman, Graphic Designer
Winona Wyatt, Digital Marketing Associate
Lauren Woodard, Marketing Content Associate
Brett Cohen, Marketing Associate
Katey O'Connor, Programmatic Marketing Associate
Taylor Pijanowski, Marketing Associate

Jacob Jessup, Controller 
John Gaffney, Director of Accounting and Financial Analysis
Hazel Mack, Payroll Manager
Bridget Morgan, Accounting Manager of Ticket Philadelphia
Maria Waters, Staff Accountant
Robin Lee, Staff Accountant/Ticket Philadelphia
Dina Respes, Staff Accountant
Karen Turner, Accounts Payable Clerk

Human Resources/Legal
Liz Bligan, Human Resources Manager
Melissa Fehlinger, Human Resources Coordinator
Alexandra Brandt, Office Services Coordinator 
Sarah Dugan, Human Resources Assistant & Receptionist 

Facility Operations
Casey Rodger, Director of Facility Sales & Independent Presentations
Joseph Dillon, Director of Production
Matt Suydam, Facilities Director
Renee Doman, Operations Finance Manager
Kathie Cronk, Operations Manager, Special Projects
Nicole Thornton, Production Manager, Verizon Hall
Andre Barette, Production Manager, Ancillary Spaces
Eileen Harris, Production Manager for Artistic Initiatives
Adam Steinbauer, Production Manager, Perelman Theater
Audrey Gildea, Senior Sales Manager
Shannon Walsh, Master Scheduler
Leigh Sweda, Event Manager
Trondell Hill, Housekeeping Manager
Mike Sweeney, Head Electrician, Verizon Hall
Matt McIntyre, Head Carpenter, Verizon Hall
David Conner, Head Soundman, Verizon Hall
Dennis Moore Jr, Head Electrician, Perelman Theater
Walter Bass, Head Soundman, Perelman Theater
Ed Klumpp, Head Utility, Ancillary Spaces
Kevin Hamilton, Dock Master
John Kane IV, Lead Engineer
Dennis McGeady, Chief Engineer
Andy Galante, Engineer
Bob Reilly, Engineer 
Dan Ogborn, Engineer
Ed Torres, Engineer
Steve Dang, Engineer
Hassan Cintron, Engineer

House Management
Amy Dalin, Operations Manager 
Megan Byers, House Manager
Caitlin Crowley, House Manager
Thomas J. Kerrigan, Head Usher
Derrick Johnson, Portor Supervisor

Merriam Theater
John Charles, Director of House Management and General Manager
Laura Marsh, Operations Manager
Anthony Tortorice, Head Carpenter
Ken Pattinson, Head Electrician
Dan Imurgia, Head Soundman
Michael Troncone, Assistant Head Carpenter
Jay Madara, Flyman

Academy of Music
Maureen Lynch, Operations Manager
King Rogers, Production Manager 
Frank Flood, House Manager
Cornell Wood, Head Usher
Kevin Barrett, Head Carpenter
William Ringland, Assistant Head Carpenter
John Damiani, Assistant Head Carpenter
Greg Canzanese Jr., Assistant Head Carpenter-Flyman
Timothy Johnson, Head Electrician
Scott Smith, Assistant Electrician-Audio
David Williams, Head Propertyman
Kevin McEntee, Assistant Head Propertyman
Bev Nolan, Head Wardrobe

John Gallagher, Director of Security
Anthony Williams, Security Supervisor 
Euronn McCloud - Armstrong, Security Supervisor 
Matthew Lally, Security Supervisor 
Alfred Meacham, Security Officer 
April Tiffany, Security Officer 
Cornelius Martin, Security Officer 
David Sisco, Security Officer 
Eric Yates, Security Officer 
Gary Hughes, Security Officer 
George Clark, Security Officer 
Gregory Meek, Security Officer 
Henri Byrd, Security Officer
James Mitchell, Security Officer 
Jermaine Smith, Security Officer 
Jermar Perry, Security Officer 
John Kleiner Jr., Security Officer
John Wilsman, Security Officer 
Lashawn Washington, Security Officer 
Lloyd Moon, Security Officer 
Rahsaan Monroe, Security Officer 
Randall Monte, Security Officer
Randall Little, Security Officer
Roland Carbonetta Jr., Security Officer
Stephen Alston, Security Officer 
Thomas Pierce, Security Officer 
Timothy Ryan, Security Officer 
Walter Samuels, Security Officer 
William Hudson, Security Officer 
William Tresnan, Security Office

Ticket Philadelphia
Linda Forlini, Vice President
Brandon Yaconis, Director of Client Relations
Gregory McCormick, Training Manager
Catherine Pappas, Project Manager
Jason Bucy, Program and Web Manager
Alexander Heicher, Program and Web Coordinator
Lindsay Krieg, Business Operations Coordinator
Meg Hackney, Patron Services Manager
Danielle Rose, Patron Services Supervisor and Access Service Specialist
Elizabeth Jackson Murray, Priority Services Representative
Alexandra Boyle, Patron Services Representative
Brand-I Curtis-McCloud, Patron Services Representative
Matthew Enters, Patron Services Representative
Karen Fleet, Patron Services Representative
Rachelle Seney, Patron Services Representative
Rui Dong-Scott, Patron Services Representative
Janelle Saaybe, Patron Services Representative
David Midgley, Patron Services Representative

Box Office
Dan Ahearn, Jr., Box Office Manager
Michelle Messa, Assistant Box Office Manager
Tad Dynakowski, Assistant Treasurer Box Office
James Shelly, Assistant Treasurer Box Office
Thomas Sharkey, Assistant Treasurer Box Office
Michael Walsh, Assistant Treasurer Box Office

Information Technology
Ezra Wiesner, Managing Director, IT Services 
Arthur Curtis, Senior Director, Data Services and Web Development
John Callinan, Director of Technology Infrastructure
Andrew Mulroney, Senior Web Developer 
James Boyer, Web Developer 
Carissa Britain, Web Developer
Mike Zankowski - Junior SQL Programmer
Mijala Tuladhar, Senior Database Programmer 
Tristian Gay, Help Desk Project Coordinator 
John Remaley, Jr., Help Desk Technician 
Eric Laska, Desktop Support Specialist 
Michael Foster, Administrative Assistant