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Corporate Event Venues Philadelphia: Kimmel Center Rental Guide

Corporate events are as varied as the companies that host them. Seminars, conferences, trade shows, product launches, board and shareholder meetings are a few of the types that come quickly to mind. Each of these events has different requirements for staff, timing, and the type of space to accommodate the event.

One often unspoken benefit of running a truly inspiring event, is the positive brand recognition for your company. If your guests, employees, customers or potential customers have a great experience, they will associate your brand with that positive vibe. The Kimmel Center campus boasts more than 10 spaces with varying amenities to help make your corporate event, whatever it is, a jaw-dropping success.

First, you need to know a few things about your plans in order to choose an appropriate corporate event venue. 

Top Questions

Companies have a variety of needs when looking to host an event. A few questions we like to ask our corporate prospects that may help you speed up your search. As we have more than 10 rooms or spaces available, it also helps us to identify the spot best suited for you.

What is the purpose of your event?

Here we’re looking for specific details on whether you’re considering a meeting space, party, conference, retreat, or maybe a team building event. From our many years of experience, we can tell which spaces are best suited for which event. 

How many guests will you be expecting?

We’re looking to determine the size of the space best suited to accommodating a certain number of guests. We will still need to determine layout and additional service requirements, but at least we’ll have a rough idea of the size and capacity needs.

Do you have any special technical requirements?

This is where we are anticipating something like a screen for a slideshow presentation, two microphones, a lectern for a keynote or a table for a group of presenters. Audio/visual requirements really vary from room to room so we need to know which one will fit best for your unique event. 

What layout are you considering for your occasion?

If you’re doing a presentation, having seats lined up in front of a stage is a typical layout and again is suited to a certain space. Other times, if group collaboration is required, open plan desks are more suitable. If you have a certain vision, we can definitely match that with the most appropriate space.

Will there be breakout sessions running concurrently?

Sessions running concurrently have different space configuration requirements than say, a seminar with one speaker in one location. A couple of small spaces with the option to gather everyone together at points during the event is something the Kimmel Center can definitely arrange.

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Kimmel Center Venues

Once you have the event details outlines, you can view the various venues at the Kimmel Center that will accommodate your event needs. 

Hamilton Garden

The Hamilton Garden is an awesome venue for presentations, corporate meetings, awards ceremonies, and more. Seating 200 people, moveable partitions, furniture and planters makes the space incredibly customizable. Free, fast and reliable WiFi make this space even more user friendly and worthy of an awe inspiring corporate event.

Academy of Music Ballroom

For an elegant, historic feel, the Academy of Music Ballroom is ideal for conferences, exhibits, seminars, or VIP dinners, among other events. The professional sound system and WiFi create the complete package for treating your guests like royalty. 

Perelman Theater

A more unique space with higher seating capacity is the Perelman Theater. It has a 75 foot diameter turntable stage, and an adaptable main floor with a theater seating capacity of 650 or a dinner seating capacity of 350 guests. This space transforms to host an annual meeting or award ceremony that your guests will talk about for a long time! 

SEI Innovation Studio

If you are planning a more intimate event, the 2688 square feet of uninterrupted space in SEI’s Innovation Studio may be just the space. With a dinner seating capacity of 90 guests, this versatile space can be configured to best suit your crowd.

No matter the size or kind of event you are planning, the event planning staff at the Kimmel Center is ready to work with you to create an inspiring event that will have people talking about your business. For more information or to connect with our expert corporate event planning staff, call 215-790-5825 or fill out our form.