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A Great Story From Last Night Wizard of Oz

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on June 05, 2014


A great story, shared by one of our staff members Joe!

Last night at The Wizard of Oz I saw a little girl dressed like Dorothy and asked her and her family to come back stage and meet the cast. Below are some pictures and a note from her mom. This is what it’s all about and what makes our jobs wonderful. -Joe 

Thank you for an amazing experience…Maggie will be talking about this for years. Just to grasp how much she LOVES the Wizard of Oz, her last birthday party was Oz themed. We literally turned our house into the land of Oz and we ALL dressed as the characters. She was so excited to just see the show. Meeting the cast has meant more to her then you could ever possibly know. Once again, thank you.

The Hewish Family

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