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Chat With Samara, Our Public Relations Interns

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on February 28, 2017

Meet Samara, one of our awesome Public Relations interns.! We asked her a few questions about herself and her internship experience so far at the Kimmel Center!


What school do you attend? What is your major?

I am a senior at Temple University studying Journalism.


Why did you choose to intern with the Kimmel Center?

I chose to intern with the Kimmel Center because it combines my love for the arts and passion for nonprofit work. The Kimmel Center is one of the biggest resources for the arts and music in the Philadelphia area, and I knew I wanted to get more involved in Philadelphia’s art scene while making a difference.


Have you ever seen a show at the Kimmel Center, and if so, which one?

My brother participates in the Creative Music program [for jazz] at the Kimmel Center, so I’ve gone to some of his performances.


Do you have a Kimmel Center “ah ha” moment?

When I experienced my Kimmel Center “ah ha” moment I was at my first media event as a PR intern. This event was a pre-show carnival in celebration of the premiere of Balé Folclórico da Bahía. Seeing so many members of the community attend the event, which included incredible Capoeira dance moves, made me see firsthand how influential the Kimmel Center is. Philadelphia is such a diverse and unique city, and the Kimmel Center offers the opportunity to bring everyone together.


What would you say to another student looking to intern here?

If you possess a strong interest in the arts and want to work in a creative environment, I would 100% recommend interning here. The staff is so friendly and want you to get valuable experience.


What are your dreams post-graduation?

I hope to work somewhere where I can inspire others use my creativity. Ideally, I would somewhere arts & entertainment orientated.


Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself.

1.  I’ve been a vegetarian since the third grade.

2.  I studied abroad in London last spring and absolutely loved it.

3.  I love going to concerts and am going to Bonnaroo this year (all the way in Tennessee)!

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