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Staff Pick is by Morgan, PR Intern

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on October 31, 2011

Staff Pick is by Morgan, PR Intern

[This Conversation Is A Series of Untruths Based on Truths]

Sweet Elderly Matriarch in Foreign Land: “Oh! Mr. Bourdain I am so pleased you have traveled such a great distance to visit me and my family.” 

Anthony Bourdain: “Right. You’re welcome.”

Sweet Elderly Matriarch in Foreign Land: “I have prepared for you a plentiful feast replete with the cherished traditions of our people and the local fare of our country.”

Anthony Bourdain: “Of course.”

[Mr. Bourdain and overjoyed family partake in meal.]

Sweet Elderly Matriarch in Foreign Land: “Did you enjoy Mr. Bourdain?”

Anthony Bourdain: “The main course was delightful if not provincial; the sides almost too rich; and the dessert? Well I’ve had better at the corner bodega.”

Sweet Elderly Matriarch in Foreign Land: [BLINKS]

Anthony Bourdain: “Awesome.”

I love this man!

He’s a personal idol. The place in my heart devoted to Simon Cowell and Dynasty’s own Joan Collins utterly usurped by Bourdain’s phlegmatic genius. 

I became obsessed with cable network channels that provided a plethora of non-fiction infotainment throughout undergrad. At the time my life had become its own drama series – A&E, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, PBS, The Travel Channel – a welcome reprieve.  I would spend hours on end viewing Dhani Tackle The Globe, and still even more watching Bourdain dismiss reservation, all whilst pretending to study exotic derivatives and securitization within capital markets. Yawn. Bourdain’s witticisms proved more entertaining and I indulged. And gained not a single pound. At least none as a direct result from over-smirking during No Reservations. 

Post graduation the Maillard reaction was mastered Avec Eric Ripert. The renowned Antibes-born chef and partner of Ritz-Carlton denizened restaurants nationwide including Philadelphia’s own 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge charmed my spirit and doubly improved my lacking toasting capabilities. Merci Monsieur Ripert, for your didactic sage elevated me from George Foreman yeoman to toaster oven culinarian. 

Ces’t bon!

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert are two of the most celebrated and respected figures in culinary strata. Though epicurean aficionados of divergent appeal, their opposing natures speak directly to the duality of mine and concordantly to the duality of their greater audience. One’s a satirist and the other’s French - a perfect dyad. However plebeian the comparison, they are the peanut butter and jelly of my world and I imagine a conversation between the two to be wildly entertaining. 

Join these renowned chefs, tomorrow night at 7:30pm, as they dish about what really goes on behind the kitchen doors.

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