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Creative Music Program for Jazz


Creative Music Program

The Kimmel Center's Creative Music Program for Jazz is a school-year long program for grades 5-12 that exposes talented teens with a serious interest in music to teaching artists, master classes, and a well-rounded jazz education.  Students get the chance to perform at the Kimmel Center and in the community.   

Program Details

This comprehensive program meets on Weekends and focuses on:

  • stimulating each student’s individual creativity
  • developing his/her musicianship skills by using the framework of the jazz tradition.

Throughout each season, students will explore the expansive field of creative music via:

  • original and legacy compositions
  • hands on exploration of the rich jazz tradition
  • master level tuition in the vital areas of musicianship 
  • monthly celebrity master classes courtesy of our Meet the Masters series
  • weekly intensive ensemble rehearsals

… and many performance opportunities!

Creative Music Program for Jazz Curriculum

The Creative Music Program includes expert instruction for intermediate and advanced students in:

  • Theory
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm skills
  • Ear Training
  • Improvisation
  • Collective composition
  • Sight Reading
  • Ensemble interaction & performance
  • Jazz History

The curriculum provides for three varied levels of experience, with students being placed into one of three ensembles (Red, Blue, Magenta) based on our unique musicianship evaluation process.