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Jazz Residency Program

The 2017/18 Jazz Residency Application is now available!  Apply now to be our next Jazz Resident.


Application opens May 11, 2017

Application Deadline:  August 11, 2017


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Jazz Residency Videos

Meet the 2017 Kimmel Center Jazz Residency Artists

The Kimmel Center Jazz Residency program is designed to take artists and audiences on a season-long journey to continue the long tradition of creating new jazz in Philadelphia.

Fostering collaborations between musicians and artists of different disciplines, the program helps musicians reach students, young adults, and newcomers to the jazz form, creating relevant jazz experiences for today. Each of this year’s selected participants have strong ties to Philadelphia and music education.

Structured in three phases, the Jazz Residency includes: the public workshop, the work-in-progress, and the world premiere.

  • The public workshop is the audience’s first introduction to the artist’s project, showcasing the very first musical concepts and excerpts.
  • The work-in-progress features the project in a more developed state, allowing the audience to witness progress and change.
  • The final project is revealed in the world premiere.

2016-17 Season Jazz Residency Artists

Joanna Pascale (vocalist, composer, and lyricist) and Etienne Charles (composer)

Joanna Pascale

Project Concept: A song cycle that takes its inspiration from lives of flowers. 


Jawanza Kobie (composer and pianist)

Jawanza Kobie

Project Concept: A composition aimed at children that introduce them to the various instruments and rhythms used in jazz.  Kobie will partner with 2013 Kimmel Center Theater Resident and Yale professor of theater, Deb Margolin, to create a project for children using a narrator and jazz band. 


Max Swan (saxophonist, vocalist, and composer)

Max Swan

A graduate of the University of the Arts, Swan plans to create a crossover album that blends jazz sensibilities with electronic, rock, and pop approaches to music production, featuring saxophone, vocals, and lush arrangements.

Hear Max Swan’s newest singles he wrote during this year’s Jazz Residency!

The Waters 

Backing Up


 The Kimmel Center’s Jazz Residency program is made possible, in part, by a grant from the Presser Foundation.

Previous Jazz Residency Artists

Korey Riker

Korey Riker (Saxophone) 

Project Concept:  A collection of Jazz songs inspired by music from the Drum & Bass genre of EDM.


Butler and Byrd

Kendrah Butler (Piano) & Shamika Byrd (Vocals) 
Project Concept:  The presence of Jazz and Faith of the African American experience.

Francois Zayas

Francois Zayas

Project Concept:  Connect and combine several different music traditions, such as R&B, Classical, and Balkan music with Jazz, into a series of thematically related songs.

Venissa Santi and Monnette Sudler-Honesty

Venissa Santi and Monnette Sudler-Honesty 
Project Concept:  Write a jazz musical inspired by the community of Philadelphia.

Pablo Batista

Pablo Batista and the Mambo Syndicate
Project Concept: To fuse 3 genres of music: the ancient Bata rhythms of the Yoruba, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and jazz. 

Bobby Zankel

Bobby Zankel, Raphael Xavier, & Francois Zayas
Project Concept:  Examine and explore the notion that there are common spiritual and aesthetic principles and artistic devices and techniques that are utilized in parallel ways in music, dance, literature, and visual arts.


Josh Lawrence

Josh Lawrence and the Fresh Cut Orchestra
Project Concept: Create an extended “three act” work delineating a timeline of past, present and future while exploring the theme of duality in correlation to the first and last year of a person’s life.