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Balanchine and Beyond Balanchine and Beyond Balanchine and Beyond

Pennsylvania Ballet

Balanchine and Beyond

Jun 09, 2016
Jun 12, 2016

This has event has passed.


By Balanchine, Brown, & Van Manen
Music by Hindemith, Anderson, & Beethoven

Witness the diversity of the human body in George Balanchine's The Four Temperaments, a ballet inspired by the medieval belief that human beings are made up of four different humors that determine a person's temperament. In this ballet set to a score by Paul Hindemith, the dancers fill the stage with a variety of emotions ranging from gloom, to passion, to anger. In Hans Van Manen's Adagio Hammerklavier, three couples enact a series of encounters which never quite achieve resolution. The dancers perform elaborate choreography alongside a bold score by Ludwig Van Beethoven, constantly disrupting the choreography in a beautiful manner. Trisha Brown brings two Polish poems to life in O zlozony/O composite, a company premiere for Pennsylvania Ballet. The choreography interweaves movement with verses as the dancers perform with a strange, dream-like quality to Polish recitations of the poems and a score by Laurie Anderson.

Trisha Brown: In the New Body has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.


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