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Kimmel Center Presents in Association with BRE & LME

King Crimson

Nov 02, 2017
Nov 03, 2017

This event has passed.


If there is one group that embodies progressive rock, it is King Crimson. Led by guitar/Mellotron virtuoso Robert Fripp, during its first five years of existence the band stretched both the language and structure of rock into realms of jazz and classical music, all the while avoiding pop and psychedelic sensibilities. The absence of mainstream compromises and the lack of an overt sense of humor ultimately doomed the group to nothing more than a large cult following, but made their albums among the most enduring and respectable of the prog rock era.

“This incarnation of the group, and there have innumerable ones in its long, on-off history, is its most expansive and possibly its best yet” - Hollywood Reporter

“It is a testament to Fripp's commitment to Crimson and his standards of exploration that this version is one of the best new bands on the road right now” - Rolling Stone

“as cerebral as King Crimson’s music is, with its mandatory virtuosity and its mathematical systems within systems, what comes across first and last is fury” - New York Times

Run Time: 3 hours including one 25 minute intermission


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