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Pennsylvania Ballet

Swan Lake

Mar 08, 2018
Mar 18, 2018




Swan Lake
Staged by Angel Corella (after Petipa)
Music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

March 8-18, 2018
Academy of Music

This season we premiere a traditional Swan Lake, complete with the evil Von Rothbart presiding over his flock of maiden swans in a dark, lakeside glen. Perhaps love does not conquer all?

In the history of ballet, Swan Lake truly stands alone. This masterpiece of choreography, music, and story connects with audiences and fills them with emotion like no other ballet. Grace, artistry, and beauty create a performance of true elegance in this spectacular production. 

“We’ll present this iconic ballet in its truest, purest form - a young prince is bewitched by a beautiful swan maiden who lures him into a dark forest, only to be deceived into pledging his love to another… you’ll be thrilled by the drama and the virtuosic dancing and of course mesmerized by Tchaikovsky’s exquisite score.”

-Angel Corella

Academy Of Music

240 S Broad St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102


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