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Kimmel Center in Partnership with IPAY Presents

Manual Cinema: The Magic City

Jan 16, 2019
7:45 PM

This event has passed.


Nine-year-old Philomena's inner world materializes as a pint-size metropolis of found objects in this magical retelling of Edith Nesbit's 1910 fantasy novel.  With the help of toy theater, shadow puppetry, live music, and live actors in silhouette, she copes with the loss of her parents and the challenges of her newly blended family, eventually finding a way to reconcile her Magic City with the reality of the world outside it.

Ages: 6 and above.

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"Manual Cinema's 'Magic City' lets everyone in" - Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune, February 2017

" would be difficult to find a more wholly enraptured audience" - Heidi Weiss, The Chicago Sun-Times, February 2017


" would have to lack a pulse to not be transported back to a state of childhood wonderment at the universe Manual Cinema creates" - Patrick McDonald, The Advertiser, March 2017

"Making the usually hidden visual tricks visible... is a brilliant way of awakening interest in theatre, puppetry, and storytelling for the next generation." - Barry Lenny, Broadway World, March 2017

Run Time: 70 minutes