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AGAMA, Festival of Indian Classical Arts

September 6th - September 8th 2019.


This event has passed.


Welcome to Agama, festival of Indian classical arts. AGAMA, meaning handed down is a festival showcasing the rich classical art traditions of India, as they have been handed down, from generation to generation.

Agama, Day 3

6:00pm: Margam by Alumni of Kalakshetra Foundation

The finale performance of the festival will be a traditional Bharatanatyam Margam or prescribed repertoire format, presented by Alumni of Kalakshetra Foundation alongside a live orchestra. This performance represents a style that has been uniquely influential to South Indian classical dance since the early twentieth century. A show of this magnitude has never before been attempted; seven generations of dancers are coming together on one stage for the first time! These performers, each rooted from the same training have come together exclusively for this presentation to showcase the creation of their own artistic legacies.

 Artist Line-Up:

CV Chandrasekhar

Leela Samson

Mahalakshmi Kameswaran

G Narendra

Sheejith Krishna

Shijith Nambiar

Parvathy Menon

Christopher Gurusamy

Satyapriya Iyer

Hari Krishnan

Sri Sudarshini

Aryamba Sriram

Athul Balu

Aishwarya Naveen

The best way to experience the Agama festival would be to attend all the four performances! This year’s edition we present internationally renowned artists including TM Krishna, Alam Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri and ensembles like Leela Dance Collective and the Alumni of Kalakshetra.

For more information, please visit,

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