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ORGAN DAY - A Festival for All Ages!
Free Event

Michael Barone speaks in front of the Organ at the Kimmel Center

Michael Barone demonstrates the organ for a group of children at the Kimmel Center

a smiling woman holds a young child trying the organ at the Kimmel Center

a man plays the organ while a black and white movie movie is playing on a screen

ballet dancers dance on stage while a woman plays the organ at the Kimmel Center

a choir sings on stage

a woman plays the Organ on stage in Verizon hall at the Kimmel Center

a man plays the Organ on stage in Verizon hall at the Kimmel Center

young boy and man listening to the organ demonstration

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“You’re going to hear the organ in a lot of different ways, and we hope you hear the organ in ways you’ve never heard it before.”
– Jay Wahl, Producing Artistic Director at the Kimmel Center, CBS

Each year, the Kimmel Center Cultural Campus, in association with the Philadelphia Chapter of The American Guild of Organists (AGO), proudly presents:

Organ Day

A six hour festival of FREE organ music performed on
The Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ!
With host Michael Barone

close up of organ pipes

Audiences are invited to explore the largest mechanical pipe organ in the United States through a diverse line-up of programming tailored to include something for everyone.

  • Free performances by members of the American Guild of Organists, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Opera Philadelphia.
  • Kids Play the Organ: Fun for our littlest friends
  • Silent Film with organ accompaniment.
  • And more!

Audience lays on the floor listening to the vibration of the organ

The lineup changes each year with new and exciting segments.  Click below to see Organ Day festivities from previous years.

  • Host: Michael Barone

    • Festive Overture, Monica Czausz, Organist
    • PNC Grow Up Great, Parker Kitterman, Organist; Narrator, M’Balia Singley
    • Kids Play the Organ, Michael Barone, Organist
    • Cops, starring Buster Keaton, Jackson Borges, Organist
    • Organ & Instruments, AGO Members: Pamela Baxter and Laurie Mueller; Anna Meyer and Erik Meyer; Helen Gerhold and Edward Landin; Barbara Prugh and Kathleen Scheide
    • Opera Philadelphia, Tribute to Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901): Elizabeth Braden, Conductor; Emily May Sung, Assistant Conductor; Jeffrey DeVault, Organist
    • Solo Recital: AGO Featured Performer, Monica Czausz, Organist
    • Pennsylvania Ballet, Martha Koeneman, Organist
    • Organ & Cello Duo, Thomas Mesa, Cellist & Greg Zelek, Organist
    • Solo Recital: AGO Members: Michael Diorio, Organist; Lauri Mueller, Organist; Jinsok Kraybill, Organist; H.L. Smith II, Organist
    • Organ Pumps, H.L. Smith II, Organist
  • Host: Michael Barone

    • PNC Grow Up Great, Peter Conte, Organist; Narrator, Kala Moses Baxter
    • Kids Play the Organ, Tim Evers, Organist
    • Silent Film: Who Stole the Mona Lisa?, Josh Stafford, Organist
    • Sonnet of Pralse, Parker Kitterman & Lucas Brown, Organists
    • AGO Soloists: Aaron Patterson, Organist; Leah Martin, Organist; Laurie Mueller, Organist; Andrew Senn, Organist
    • Opera Philadelphia, Elizabeth Braden, Conductor; F. Anthony Thurman, Organist
    • World Premiere Of Commission With The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Adam Vidiksis, Composer; Joybells of Melmark, Handbells; Aaron Patterson, Organist
    • Jackson Borges In Recital
    • Bach Toccata Round Robin, Michael Barone, Paul Fejko, Clair Rozier & Kathleen Scheide, Organists
    • Philadelphia Brass And Organ, Anthony Cecere, French Horn; Robert Gale, Trombone; Steven Heitzer, Trumpet; Brian Kuszyk, Trumpet; Scott Mendoker, Tuba; Peter Richard Conte, Organist; Andrew Ennis, Conductor
    • Pennsylvania Ballet, Peter Conte, Organist
    • AGO Soloists: Chris Gage, Organist; Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Organist; Ethel Geist, Organist; David Burton Brown, Organist
    • Silent Film: The Goat starring Buster Keaton, Jackson Borges, Organist
    • Organ Pumps, Clair Rozier, Organist
  • Host: Michael Barone

    • PNC Grow Up Great, Directed by Steve Pacek, Organist, Robert McCormick
    • Kids Play the Organ, Tim Evers, Organist
    • Silent Film: Convict 13, Jason Roberts, Organist
    • Organist Robert McCormick in Recital
    • Members of the Philadelphia AGO Chapter:
      Kathleen Scheide, Organist; David Furniss, Organist; Andrew Heller, Organist; Edward Landin, Organist
    • Opera Philadelphia, Opera Philadelphia Chorus, Elizabeth Braden, Conductor, Emily May Sung, Assistant Conductor, F. Anthony Thurman, Organist
    • Philadelphia Brass And Organ, Peter Richard Conte, Organist, Andrew Ennis, Conductor
    • Philadelphia AGO Chapter Competition Winner Clara Gerdes, Organist 
    • Improvisation by Robert McCormick
    • Organ Pumps, Edward Landin, Organist

Organ programming is generously supported by the Wyncote Foundation.