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Academy of Music Ballroom

Featuring authentic pieces from its original historic design, the Academy also has modern day amenities such as Wi-Fi.

Built in the 19th century, the Academy of Music dazzles all of its guests with its historical splendor.

Guests chat with each other as they relax in the Ballroom after a delicious dinner.

Attendees engage in a lively conversation with one another as they enjoy food and drinks.

The Academy of Music Ballroom comfortably fits up to 200 guests at a reception.

A fairytale wedding. A fete for a princess. The historic Academy of Music Ballroom is where Philadelphians go to turn back time for a while. It’s a luxurious space that combines authentic 19th-century touches with modern amenities.

Capacity: 180 Seated Dinner, 200 Reception

For rental rates and more info, call 215-790-5323 or

submit an event inquiry online.

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