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Kimmel Center Presents

Dariel Peniazek / Maya Peniazek / Ariacne Trujillo Work-in-Progress

Special BYOB Performance*

Apr 18, 2019
8:00 PM

This event has passed.


As part of the Kimmel Center’s Jazz Residency program, we welcome you to get a glimpse into the creative process before it’s presented as a world premiere on the Kimmel Center stage. Pick a show, BYOB, and join us in the resident’s journey of developing new works of jazz!



The work-in-progress performance is an opportunity for the jazz residency artist to present an early draft of their new compositions. The artist performs all the new material they’ve written during the residency for the first time before taking questions and direct feedback from the audience.This input is vital for the artist as they finish writing their project. It's a special BYOB event and tickets are free with a reservation. Can you afford not to come??

Dariel Peniazek, wishes to create music that “combines the infectious rhythms of South America with the intellectual approach of modern jazz.” Collaborating with poet, playwright, and lyricist Maya Peniazek, his piece will address, through its lyrics and spoken word, his experiences of discovering his cultural identity as a Latino-American. Using the tres cubano, a traditional guitar-like instrument of Cuban origin, he plans to explore new territory of Latin jazz by utilizing the instrument in a new context, digging into modern jazz while paying homage to its Cuban roots. The work will combine “Latin rhythms with the distinctly Philadelphian sounds [I have] so voraciously inhaled in the past 5 years.”

Peniazek’s music is representative of his own sense of personal identity as a first generation American. “I aim to use this project to fuse what I consider to be the 2 most significant parts of my musical identity: Latin-American music and Philadelphia . . . In my collaboration with lyricist Maya Peniazek, I plan to write lyrics that discuss my experience of discovering my cultural identity as a Latino-American.” Peniazek is also enlisting the expertise of Arturo Stable (percussion, Paquito De rivera) and Cuban singer Ariacne Trujillo who was nominated for a Grammy in 2014 and was part of the PIFA 2018 La NOCHE Celebration.

Dariel Peniazek / Maya Peniazek / Ariacne Trujillo

Jazz Residency Performances
Residency Kick Off - Thursday, December 20
Public Workshop - Monday, February 25
Work-in-Progress - Thursday, April 18 
World Premiere - Saturday, June 8


Dariel Peniazek (composer, tres, guitar)
Maya Peniazek (lyricist)
Ariacne Trujillo (vocalist)
Arturo Stable (percussion)
Tim Brey (piano)
Sam Harris (bass)
Chris Aschman (streel pan, trumpet)

*These are designated BYO performances. Acceptable forms of BYO are 6-pack of beer and/or 750ml bottles of wine only; no liquor or open containers are permitted. Limit of one (1) 750ml bottle of wine OR one (1) six-pack of beer per two guests. Corkscrews and rolling coolers are not permitted. Ice, cups and corking service available at venue at no cost. All BYO Night guests are subject to lawful ID checks and bag checks at the manager’s discretion.

SEI Innovation Studio

Inside the Kimmel Center

2 levels below ground floor

300 S Broad St

Philadelphia, PA 19102



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