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Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Build the People’s Tower in Dilworth Park

Jun 03, 2017
9:00 AM

This event has passed.

Please note: Building the People's Tower will take all day. Rain or shine come help at any time!


We are 1-year early…but we love a celebration! Join us as we celebrate PIFA 2018 with a week of free events to unite and inspire the entire community through interactive experiences, a star-studded public arts panel discussion, and a spirit of community.

Build the People's Tower!

Brought to Dilworth Park by iternationally renowned French visual artist Olivier Grossetete in partnership with Kimmel Center, hundreds of Philadelphians will construct The People's Tower --  a huge edifice without any cement or bricks! 1,400 carboard boxes and 18 miles of masking tape will rise into an 88 foot monumental-community-performance-architectural structure evocative of Independence Hall.

Join us to help build the fantastical, epic, temporary The People's Tower!

Building the Tower can last anywhere between 5 to 8 hours. Rain or shine!  Feel free to stop by anytime to help build the structure, or come see it completed until its ceremonial demolition Sunday, June 4th at 7PM!

This event is FREE and for ALL AGES!


See below for the full schedule of events:


On May 30 - June 2, join us as we assemble The People's Tower building blocks!

Over these exciting four days of workshops, we invite you to work with Olivier Grossetete on building the cardboard building blocks that will come together to create The People's Tower.

Reserve your spot today to be a part of our workshops! CLICK HERE

On June 3rd, the finished pieces will all come together to build the structure!

For more information on the June 3rd construction, CLICK HERE

On June 4th, attend "Art in Public Space: A Public Forum"!

Hear a panel of star-studded public artists, place makers, and arts administrators discuss dive in to what exactly is public space, and what it means to create art within it. Learn how public art is different from art presented in a traditional theater, and how it connects an audience.

For more information and free tickets, CLICK HERE

On June 4th, stop by Dilworth Park to Topple The People's Tower!

For more information, CLICK HERE



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